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Over 30 years of successful projects, creating unique and contemporary video content for brands and organisations of all types and sizes.

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When you commission a video or animation, it’s usually part of a wider strategic objective. Such as an advertising, marketing or information campaign; a recruitment drive; or a training package. We work with SMEs to help develop and devise appropriate strategies to fulfil your communication objectives. And for larger businesses, we join forces with your in-house marketing, comms or PR teams to support their strategic initiatives.

Whilst we see ourselves as storytellers, we are very conscious that the design of the image is all important. This could be anything from a beautifully lit interview to a richly colour-graded advert to a colourful animation. Graphic design, motion graphics, 2D & 3D animation are all key elements of our storytelling tool kit. With our years of experience, we understand how important your brand guidelines are, and we are used to interpreting them within the moving image context, creating striking and stylish visuals that support your brand reputation.

The Creation of the Content is the key part of our service and we have many years of honing our creative production skills. The process begins with understanding both your communication needs and your customers in order to develop meaningful creative treatment and messaging. Every video or animation project is unique. Our process includes scripting and storyboarding; finding talent and locations; filming; and a full post-production service. Whilst we do the hard work and offer advice, this production is yours and we work closely with you to develop the best possible video or animation project.

We offer a bespoke presentation skills training package for businesses and organisations. Focusing on what you need to work on, this will prepare you or your team for appearing in front of the camera. Try out a variety of presentation options for your video; practice with autocue; work on voice production techniques; consider how to prepare appropriate scripts for different audiences; and learn how to write and read a voice-over script.