YouTube Success for Nottingham Trent University

YouTube Success

Twelve of our NTU videos have achieved 10,000+ YouTube views

Actually many of these videos are well past the 10,000 mark with the best performer coming in at just over 30,000 views. The total views for these videos now exceeds 156,000 and the views are increasing quite rapidly so there’ll be a few more joining the club quite soon.

Another interesting metric is the all important watch time which is around 180 days – nearly half a year! These videos have also driven 127 subscriptions to Nottingham Trent University’s YouTube channel and clocked up 338 likes.

11,605 views  Dec 2014

19,558 views  Dec 2014

10,477 views  Dec 2014

11,383 views  Dec 2014

17,573 views  Dec 2014

30,754 views  Dec 2014

10,095 views  Dec 2014

10,616 views  Dec 2014

10,040 views Jan 2014

11,039 views Dec 2014

12,861 views  Dec 2014

10,688 views  Dec 2014

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