Animated videos for brands and businesses

Accessible, versatile and more… What’s not to love about animation?

Animation is one of the most accessible and versatile video tools available to today’s brands, and it could be just what your company needs to get that extra boost.

Since Mickey Mouse (my personal favourite) first appeared back in 1928, animated film has become one of the highest grossing industries in the world, and for good reasons too!

Animated videos can be extremely useful for brands and businesses that want to put across a message but feel limited or restrained by live action video. It might be that a product or service doesn’t lend itself to being caught on camera, like impossible-to-visualise software solutions or difficult-to-explain products!

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The lack of physical boundaries – think people, locations, weather etc. allows us to create whatever you want. Instead of thinking about pointing a camera at a real life scenario, an animation allows the creation of an imaginary world. This imaginary world can be designed to show your company, product or service to the world exactly the way you’d like to be seen. There’s so much more control, not just over the message, but the overall impression you want to make.

Animated videos are also a great way to talk about sensitive subjects, like our animation below on dementia in the workplace. Animation deliberately places a safety barrier between the audience and the subject matter, particularly useful in situations where live video action might be intrusive, raw or just plain awkward.

With complete control over the content, products can be advertised before they even come into existence, ideas and concepts can have life breathed into them, and stories can be told in a simple and easily digestible way.

Another form of animation that’s hugely popular at the minute is stop-frame animation. This style is totally shareable on social media and seems to engage audiences even more easily than live action. Because of its upbeat and lively nature, animated content is usually eye-catching and, above anything else, likely to leave a lasting impression!

But best of all, people love watching it… I know I do.

If you’ve got a tricky subject, there’s simply nothing to point a camera at or you just want to engage with your audience in a fun and lively way, an animated video or stop-frame animation could be just what you need.

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