Create inspiring content, whilst delivering information in a direct and simple way. The only limit is your imagination.

Fond memories from childhood, means that even as adults, we are intrinsically drawn to animations. Here are our reasons that an animation could be the solution you need:

Whether you need to illustrate an intangible product or service, want something bespoke and creative for your business or if live action video just isn’t appropriate; animated videos are a fantastic way to engage your audience.

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The Fit for Work Team needed an animation about the difficult topic of Dementia in the workplace, to raise awareness amongst SMEs. Animation is a great solution for topics with a sensitive nature, and the results of this animation exceeded their expectations.


Siemens launched a new B2B product, the Smart Pay-As-You-Go Meter, which allows for a more convenient way for customers to pay for energy. An animated explainer video was the solution to clearly communicate a product that is difficult to explain.


TDX Group are a financial services company who provide data, technology and advisory solutions that improve the performance of businesses in the debt industry. This B2B animation explains one of their complex products to their customers.


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