The Ferrari Challenge

[vc_toggle title=”Information” style=”round_outline” color=”juicy_pink” size=”lg” el_id=”1490112550342-911b5f5b-6113″]Ferrari has been producing the ultimate in dream cars for 70 years. To mark Ferrari’s birthday (and in particular the 25th Anniversary of the Ferrari Challenge competition), VPoint TV has produced a promotional film to celebrate these events for Ferrari racing enthusiasts and on-line viewers around the world. Whilst everyone is aware of the Ferrari brand, the Ferrari Challenge competition is much less well-known… even amongst aficionados.

It all began in Monza, Italy in 1993. The film sets out to set the record straight and point people towards the fascinating history of the Challenge race series. The star of the film is an original 348 Challenge car, which was on the line-up at Monza in 1993 – and came second in the first championship. Recently restored to display the paintwork and racing decals from that first race, this car is one of only a few left in the world.

The film begins with a scene set in the 1990’s in which a video game playing teenager places his Ferrari F355 Challenge game into his Sega Dreamcast and dreams of driving the real thing. The film cuts to the real car, filmed in a studio in Nottingham. As it is not road-legal the director needed to find another way of giving life to the car on screen. A series of large LED screens were brought in to help tell the story and to bring the race track to the studio. The screens not only light and stylise the shoot but more importantly, they help to relive the car’s first race at Monza, taking the car and the story back to the very first Ferrari Challenge.

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