Behind the Scenes: Dale the ‘Fall Guy’

Behind the Scenes: Dale the ‘Fall Guy’

Our favourite IT company Total Computers, asked for something a little out of the ordinary to support an industry award entry. They had an open brief but really wanted a video to make a big and lasting impression. So Paul schemed up a plan that definitely hit all the objectives while remaining somewhat crazy. A lesser organisation might have reined it in a bit at this stage but not Total Computers, they wanted to go for it!

So, after a day more than tinged with silliness at the Total Computers HQ, it was time to shoot the last scene, the party scene. We had assembled a team of IT professionals to play the roles of party goers. To be honest they seemed to settle into the role quite easily and didn’t require too much direction!

The principle action was for Sales Director Kieran O’Connor, to walk through the party sporting his fabulous Christmas jumper and deliver words of wisdom to the camera. This required our cameraman extraordinaire Dale, to walk backwards through the party whilst holding a great shot of Kieran.

It took a few takes of course and Dale repeated the move accordingly. It’s worth remembering that walking backwards and shooting with £15,000 of camera kit on your shoulder can be challenging.

It was the second to last take when Dale had his little slip up, and showing true dedication; he saved the camera without any concern for his own well-being… what a star! Oh and he was ok anyway.

Check out what should have happened below…

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