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Branded Content

Branded Content

Forward thinking, backward advertising! What? If your marketing videos aren’t getting enough engagement, could branded content be the answer? Are you finding that the promotional videos that you’ve commissioned just aren’t pulling in the views…
B2B Video Marketing Trends

B2B Video Marketing

Video Marketing Trends: B2B A Few Secrets to Successful B2B Video Marketing Last year, the Web Video Marketing Council conducted a survey in B2B Video Content Marketing [1]. Guess what they found? Yes, as one…
2015 Infographic

2015 Infographic

2015 was a very busy year… We had a little time at the end of the year to draw breath and take a quick look at what we’d achieved in the previous 12 months. Our…
Video Marketing Predictions

Video Marketing Predictions: 2016

What VPoint TV Predicts will happen in Video Marketing 2016… As we all know, Video Marketing was BIG in 2015, with 400 more hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute and 8 billion video views on…
Christmas Spectacle

A VPoint TV Christmas Spectacle

Step aside WHAM! A Christmas spectacle like you’ve never seen before! If you are a customer or friend of VPoint TV, you’ve probably seen our Christmas Spectacle video 2015. If you haven’t, suffice to say that…
Luca Sterling as Halloween vampire

Spooktacular Halloween Video for Wilko

Spooktacular Videos! Last month saw the arrival of spooky season at VPoint TV, as we geared for this year’s Spooktacular Halloween video productions for Wilko. With two scripts, one family and a plethora of products…
DJI Ronin Setup for the Sony F5

DJI Ronin Setup for the Sony F5

Resources: Tech Series VIDEO TRANSCRIPT This is the DJI Ronin. It’s what we use on shoots to stabilise our Sony F5, but to do that, we had to make a few modifications because the Sony…
How to make a good talking heads video

How to Produce a Talking Heads Video

Resources: Tech Series VIDEO TRANSCRIPT OK, your people have got plenty of expertise and information to share with your customers and clients, and you know they’ll be great on video. Whether your presenter is talking…