Branded Video Content

Inspire your audience and make a lasting impression

Your brand is not just defined by what you sell and do. It is about your ethos, values, persona and more. That is what makes your brand memorable and creates a positive impression.

A branded content video does something a little bit different to the standard promotional or marketing video. It sets out to tell a story that isn’t about a business, product or service, but has a sometimes very tenuous link to a brand.

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Hillarys: Charlotte Beevor

Print artist and designer Charlotte Beevor, takes us through the process of designing a new floral inspired fabric collection for Hillarys.

Hillarys: Oliver Heath

Architectural and interior designer Oliver Heath, shares his sustainable design secrets and tips on how to live in a healthy, happy home.

Hillarys: Sophie Robinson

Interior designer and TV presenter Sophie Robinson, designs a ‘She-Shed’ crafting space as part of a customer competition give away.


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