Case Studies & Customer Testimonials

Build credible trust into your business by sharing the whole story

Video case studies and testimonials present your business in a genuine and credible way; helping to build your brand and increase sales.

We all rely on reading reviews before we purchase products or services and trust word of mouth recommendations even more.

Video case studies and testimonials are a great way to build trust into your business, because unlike written testimonials, video allows you to see and hear a real person. Being able to gauge their emotions, means that their words will carry more authority and connect directly to your audience.

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Hillarys: Shutters

A customer testimonial video filmed in the home of a real customer who had purchased shutters. Positioned on Hillarys shutters web page, it is a powerful marketing tool to persuades people to book an appointment.

Rushcliffe Abundance Project

A case study video about Keyworth Borough Council’s ‘Abundance Project’, which collects unwanted fruit from garden trees. The video aims to raise awareness of waste and sustainability and embodies the village spirit.

Canal & River Trust: Droitwich

A case study video for the Canal & River Trust about the benefits of restoring waterways. This video focuses on Droitwich canal, which has benefited local businesses and the community from its regeneration.

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