Back on Track: Reviving the Ferrari 348 Challenge

On the Starting Grid

After weeks of prep and careful planning, our long-awaited Ferrari overnight shoot finally raced around. Van packed, thermals on and a rather special car in tow, we headed over to The Studio Factory to get started.

Ferrari 348 Challenge overnight shoot
Interview with Creative Director, Paul Young, in The Studio Factory.

On the verge of a highly anticipated shoot that is scheduled to go into the early hours, Creative Director Paul Young, talks about what it took to get here.

“We knew that the car’s 25th anniversary was looming, and that we needed to showcase this car’s incredible history and background without ever actually taking it on the road.”

Starting with the location, we needed to find a studio warehouse that was big enough to house the car and an array of LED screens, that were currently being constructed behind us. Paul explains how we’re going to use them for dynamic lighting, decoration, information delivery, stylistic effect and to virtually place the Ferrari at Italian Monza – one of the tracks it raced at back in 1993.

“The whole project was built around the Ferrari – it was what we used as a base for choosing a location and finding a way to tell the car’s unique story. We found The Studio Factory with its grungy abandoned look, got in contact with EasyFlex LED Screens and from then on, all the meticulous planning started.”

Ferrari 348 Challenge overnight shoot
Shoot Logistics: Camera setups and LED screen configurations

Paul goes on to explain how the project developed: writing a script, creating a storyboard, designing the graphics for the LED screens, planning the configuration of the screens and finally, devising the logistics of the shoot with different camera setups.

“To do anything new and exciting you must take risks” Paul tells me. He’s referring to the way in which using these LED screens was new territory for us, but one that we’d been wanting to explore for quite some time.

As the setup is complete, night falls and the studio becomes dark, Paul and the rest of the team are about to embark upon an epic overnight shoot that brings them full circle into the light.


Click here to see the finished video

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