Some tips on being in front of the camera

You’re being interviewed. ON CAMERA…

I can see you are already perspiring at the mere thought! But hey, being in front of the camera doesn’t have to be scary! In fact, it isn’t scary at all!

We often hear the same concerns from the people we film and so we thought we would take the time to dispel some common fears and give you some tips on how to make your time in front of the camera painless and…dare we say it…FUN!

‘Urgh I keep making mistakes – what take are we on?? I’m terrible!!’

Firstly, no one EVER gets it perfect on their first take. Well, not that we know of. And secondly, it’s always good to warm up a few times to get the best result. And even if you do a perfect take we ask you to do us a backup one anyway!

‘I felt like I was babbling on a bit’

We never use all the interview material we get – a 20 minute interview will be cut down to a few minutes or even seconds! We just want to be spoilt for choice! We take all your best bits and put them together seamlessly in our edit suites.

‘I don’t want to keep repeating myself!’

But we do! We will often ask you the same questions 2 or 3 times to either get a different shot or to get a slightly different wording. It’s extremely helpful for us – and we will only use the best one!

‘I just messed up in the middle of that sentence…how embarrassing…’

That’s the joy of video; it’s not live!!  You don’t the pressure of getting it right first time! We can do it as many times as you need, and because we’ve been doing this a long time, nothing fazes us!

‘No sneaky peeks to camera!’

You’ll often hear us saying this when we do an interview. Interviews are done looking off camera and if you do a sneaky peak into the lens (which we are almost scarily good at spotting) then you have to do it again – we don’t want you looking shifty!

‘Can we just put a little dab of powder on you?’

No, don’t worry. It isn’t YOU that’s shiny. It’s our big shiny lights that reflect everything. We’re sorry (especially to all the men we have dabbed powder on).

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