How We Manage an Animation Project

How we manage an animation project

Our step-by-step guide

Step 1: Project Management and Pre-production

This step starts the whole process and involves out skilled producer working with you to help develop your ideas into something that will be really effective as an animation. Once we’ve understood your key messages and devised a style or treatment, we move on to the script.  Clients often like to write the initial ideas themselves, to make sure it includes all the key information. We then take this and adapt it for filming, advising on what will (and sometimes what won’t) work. Or, we develop a script from scratch. Once you are happy with the script we will then look into potential animation treatments or styles that would suit your project and select an appropriate animator and illustrator to turn it into a reality!

Step 2: Production

This is where your project really gets exciting! After the treatment and scripts have been signed off by you, the illustrator will develop the artwork for your production. Collaborating with you and the illustrator, the animator will then turn the artwork into a fully fledged animation! The producer will also be on hand throughout this process to direct the animation and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Step 3: Post Production

The next stage is giving the animation some life! We then select the right actors for the voiceover, the music, and sound effects that we bring together into a carefully crafted soundtrack, guaranteed to turn your animation into something dynamic and entertaining. Then we make sure the whole production is perfect before sending it on to you for approval.

Step 4: Delivery

We can then deliver the final film in any way you need and in any file type. Whether you need a file for YouTube, your website, social media site, or even if you want a ‘teaser’ version as part of a social media campaign. We can do it all!

Here’s a project we produced for Siemens.

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