Video production timescales

How long does it take to produce a video?

We’re always happy to work to the timescales of our clients. If you’ve got plenty of time, that suits us. But we’re geared up for tight deadlines, so if you have a challenging timeline we’re on it.

So if you need:

  • A video camera crew for next week or even tomorrow
  • A simple or creative production turned around by the end of next week, or even this week
  • An animation written, created and animated within a month, or even a fortnight

We’ve got:

  • Ready-to-go in-house camera crews
  • A team of post-production experts and designers poised for action
  • Years of experience of producing fast turnaround videos for the conference and advertising industries

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The Fit for Work Team

This Leicester-based agency wanted to commission an animation about the difficult topic of dementia in the workplace. Having been let down by a supplier, they approached VPoint TV following a recommendation.

With a four-week deadline, we worked fast to take this project from brief, create a concept, write a script, prepare a storyboard, design all the assets, produce the animation, record the voice-over and sound effects, and make all those final little amends.

Not only was the finished project completed within the timeframe and within budget, but it exceeded the clients’ expectations in terms of messaging and creativity.


Morrells needed a very urgent creative video to show at its American parent company’s BIG conference. When Scott (the boss) got in contact, he already had a crazy idea, but needed some professional help to pull it all together. Called the Y-Factor (as in Why-Morrells?) it spoofed a well-known television talent show and starred members of staff from across the UK.

With less than a week to plan the set, the props, the costumes and the content: a day to shoot with a nimble, but experienced crew: and three days to create some glittery, fun-packed, heavily edited comedy footage, this video was turned around from beginning to end within 10 days of meeting the client. Phew! And what’s more, it went down a storm at the USA event.

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