How-to Videos

Effectively deliver information in a relaxed and informative way

If you have information that is complex and difficult to communicate in written form, then a how-to video might be the answer for you.

Written and diagram instructions can sometimes do the job well, providing the task at hand is simple. However, if you are trying to explain something that is more complex, a how-to video is a great solution.

How-to videos are varied, ranging in style and length depending on the information you are trying to communicate and can either be presenter-led or take a graphical approach. Whether it’s how-to assemble or use a product or how-to gather information (such as measurements). It could be to give helpful advice on a topic, explain a detailed step-by-step process or to create a series of tutorial videos to use on social media.

The combination of visuals and sound is a much more effective way to engaging your audience and is easier to remember. It becomes a reliable source of information user can keep referring to and if applicable, can also help reduce the amount of time your business spends handling queries.

The relaxed approach of how-to videos means people can engage with your product before they purchase, feeling supported and informed rather than being sold to. This builds trust between your business and customers and increases customer satisfaction. We’ll take the time to understand your product or service and ensure your video communicates the right messages in the most engaging way possible.

NTU: How-to build a portfolio

A stylish talking heads information video for Nottingham Trent University’s School of Art & Design. Targeted at potential applicants, the video provides helpful advice on how-to put together a portfolio.

Tanita: Genuine Scanner

A how-to video to show customers how to check the legitimacy of their Tanita product. The video features the company’s specially designed app and uses a hand model and simple graphical instructions.

Web-Blinds: How-to fit a blind

This presenter-led demonstration video shows customers how-to fit a Vertical blind. It is part of a series of videos that provide customers with clear information that reduces customer queries regarding fittings.

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