Location Oman for Promotional Product Video

Location Oman

Our Head of Production, Paul Young, has been on an interesting trip to the Middle East. He’s been on the quest for some great footage for a promotional product video for one of our clients, Microlise.

In case you’re not familiar with Microlise, they’re an East Midlands based tech company that are going places! Quite literally! They produce very clever telematics products that go into trucks and vans, so that transport companies can monitor vehicle locations, how they’re being driven, whether they need repairs and make sure that deliveries are made on time!

Microlise has been very successful in the UK and Europe, and is now branching out in the Middle East. As Microlise’s long-standing video partner, VPoint TV was naturally asked to head out to Oman to film a promotional product video for this new market. It was quite an experience!

Taking our own kit was going to be way too risky…what with customs and all the permits that are required for filming in Oman. So we found a local video partner, booked the crew and equipment through them, and Paul went out to Muscat with Microlise’s Head of Marketing to direct the shoot.

After being charge of a team of up to 16 people on any given day, working in temperatures in excess of 35 degrees centigrade, wrangling a large truck and messing about with drones, what did Paul have to say? ‘The lunches were good. Much better than the supermarket sandwiches we usually get on a VPoint TV shoot!’ Charming!

Paul and the post-production team are now hard at work on turning all this lovely footage into a glossy promotional product video for a Microlise event in November. Watch this space…

And, if you need help with filming abroad, do contact us. Paul is standing by, passport at the ready.

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