Value for Money Storytelling

How we tell a good story and make a great video

(and give you value for money at the same time)

Understanding your message:
We meet with you to make sure that we understand all the key points that we need to cover in the video. We listen to what you’ve got to say and then advise you on the best way of getting this across to your audience. Impact on your audience is vital and it’s how we measure the success of a project! (Value for Money)

Creative approach:
We take a creative approach to every project, because keeping your audience engaged is important!

We don’t start filming until we have researched our subject thoroughly. When we have discussed potential interviewees, we always phone them for a chat before filming, so that we have the right people talking about the right things and maximise our filming time with them! (Value for Money)

We have invested heavily in a top quality television camera with an excellent range of lenses. The beautiful photographic images that we captured for Grantham Canals was only possible because of our camera, which also allows us to work quickly and efficiently on location in a range of lighting and weather conditions. Working with our experienced cameraman is a very skilled interviewer, with years of experience of getting the best material out of interviewees. (Value for Money)

We have team members on the shoot who are then involved in the editing, so that your messages and story are truly understood by the team and the post-production process is smooth and efficient. We edit on a professional Avid system which offers high quality, efficient management of your project. Our editing team is highly skilled with different areas of expertise to call upon. Involved, expert, high quality and efficient. (Value for Money)

We archive all the footage and completed edits FOR FREE, so that you can return for copies or come back for different edits at any time in the future. We produce any types of video files an even Bluray and DVD copies (for those still wanting discs) in house. (Value for Money)

Social Media:
We always keep a focus on how clients can get the most out of the video budgets. You’ve asked for a longer and shorter video for different uses, but we also advise on social media opportunities too with teasers and vines.

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