So you’ve decided to make a video…

So you’ve decided you want to make a video…what now?

Well, you know what you want it to be about, but that’s about all you do know. You have no idea exactly what you should include, what it should look like or how to actually get people watching it.

Don’t panic!! We’ve got some useful information so you know what you should be thinking about before commissioning a video.

01/ Message

This is the first and probably most important point of all. So if you read anything on this page – read this!  Think about what you want your video to get your audience to do/think about and hone it down to one key message, because this will help you focus your ideas and give you a better result.

02/ Who, What, Why

Once you know your one key message you can then think about the key points you want to address in the video that link to your overall key message (yes there are a few ‘keys’ in this list). For example, your key message is ‘Buy lots of our new product!’ Your key points will be addressing why people should want to buy your product. What makes it different to other similar products? How does it benefit them?  Is it any good??  The answers to these sorts of questions will be your key points.

03/ Platform

Where do you envisage using your video? This sometimes gets forgotten about in this early ideas stage but is very crucial to making your video work.  There are so many platforms out there now that have the capabilities of hosting video. Deciding how and where you want to use your video is important in terms of length, style and target audience.

04/ Budget

And finally, what is your budget? It’s helpful to us to know your budget so we can tailor our ideas to make sure you get a video that not only works and gets you results, but one you can afford too!

Once you know these 4 key points, it’s time to give us a ring or visit us for a cuppa and we can help you with the rest!  It’s what we do after all!

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