Nature Calls! Sustainability

We’ve been busy in Rushcliffe over the last few weeks, filming various sustainable projects that have been going on within the community. 

One of these was the Abundance Project in Keyworth – this project aims to make the area more self sufficient by collecting unwanted fruit and vegetables from residents’ gardens, and then giving it away for free. We liked the sound of that, so we loaded up our cameras and tripods and headed to a bungalow in Keyworth.

We were greeted by a gang of volunteers carrying apple picking gadgets and plenty of empty boxes. After filming the apple picking, pear picking, and lots of interviews, we then returned the next day to see them giving the produce away at a market stall. We had a great time on this shoot, we learnt a lot about self sufficiency, and came away with a few bags of local apples!
The next week we were in Radcliffe, filming the Solar Project. We visited several homes within the area that have installed solar panels and spoke to them about ‘Greening Radcliffe’ – a group that aims to make people more aware of sustainability and its possibilities. We met owner of an Eco Super-home, Michael Bedford, who taught us all the small things we can do in our homes towards helping the planet!
These projects, along with a few more yet to be filmed, will make up a series of films for Rushcliffe Borough Council on sustainability.

Soar Valley Community Transport

Upper Saxondale Community Forest Garden

Radcliffe Solar Project

Keyworth Abundance Project