The people behind the camera

Ian Sterling

Owner, Managing Director and Director of Photography

Following an early career as a live sound engineer in the music industry, Ian’s 30 years in the video business means that he knows everything there is to know about making gorgeous productions.

If you’ve got any challenging, technical or creative questions, drop Ian a line here:

Sally Reynolds

Co-Owner, Producer, Writer and Presentation Trainer

After a few years studying the dramatic arts, Sally began in TV arts documentaries, commercials and international live event production before relocating to Nottingham and VPoint TV.

If you need a script written or some help with on-camera artistry, drop sally a line here:

Freddy Angell


Aspiring photographer Freddy, found the ‘record’ button on what he thought was a stills camera, age 14. He went on to study Digital Media Production at university, and is partial to camera work as well as editing.