Meet the Team

The people behind the camera

Ian Sterling

Owner, Managing Director and Director of Photography

Following an early career as a live sound engineer in the music industry, Ian’s 30 years in the video business means that he knows everything there is to know about making gorgeous productions.

If you’ve got any challenging, technical or creative questions, drop Ian a line here:


  • Crap racing driver
  • Failed (so far) guitarist
  • Developing enlightened theories about the state of the nation and the video marketing industry

Sally Reynolds

Co-Owner, Producer, Writer and Presentation Trainer

After a few years studying the dramatic arts, Sally began in TV arts documentaries, commercials and international live event production before relocating to Nottingham and VPoint TV.

If you need a script written or some help with on-camera artistry, drop sally a line here:


  • Cooking, washing and ironing for the family (just kidding)
  • White wine (yes, there’s a correlation)
  • Reading novels
  • Guinea pigs

Paul Young

Creative Director and Lead Post-Production Editor

Over the last 10 years, Paul’s been busy and had a crack at it all. He’s been a picture editor, motion graphics editor, cameraman and director. He knows his onions and he loves a production challenge.

If you’ve got a demanding production that you’d like Paul to help with, drop him a line here:


  • Babies (mostly his own)
  • His home cinema (“It will NOT become a playroom”)
  • Designing digital scenery for theatrical productions

Dale Fallows

Cameraman and Editor

A production all-rounder, Dale began at VPoint TV as a student placement and never left (although we did let him complete his degree, where he won a National Student Television Award for Best Ident!)


  • Running a tech reviews YouTube channel (600k views… Not bad!)
  • Enjoying newly married life (ergo “Whatever Em says”)
  • Chocolate and running (but not at the same time)

Rosanna Kennedy

Graphic Designer & Animator

Our very own brand guru and all-round creative, Rosanna, has a degree in 3D Design and a Masters in Branding and Identity Design. It’s the latter that’s particularly useful for our customers.


  • Knocking up chairs
  • Interior design (mainly chairs)
  • Photography (sometimes chairs)
  • Illustration (yes, it’s possible)

Freddy Angell


Aspiring photographer Freddy, found the ‘record’ button on what he thought was a stills camera, age 14. He went on to study Digital Media Production at university, and is partial to camera work as well as editing.


  • Making YouTube videos about Frisbee competitions (He was 15 when this last happens but we’re counting it)
  • Playing bass guitar
  • Losing at every pub quiz in town. He’s been to countless but never won a single one (true story)