Celebrity Branded Content Videos

Brief: Produce a branded content video for the Hillarys website and a series of social media hacks.


As part of a branded content campaign, Hillarys has joined forces with a cohort of designers, interior stylists, vloggers and TV personalities to share expert advice, tips & tricks and style ideas with their customers.

For this video project, Hillarys teamed up with architectural interior designer and TV Presenter Oliver Heath, to share his sustainable design secrets and top tips on how to style and live in a healthy, happy home.


The VPoint TV team spent the day with Oliver at his home in Brighton. As a practised television presenter, we knew that Oliver would be confident in front of the camera so our equally experienced production team were able to work with him in an informal way, armed just with an idea of topics rather than any formal script or structure.

For the main video, we wanted a lively presentation from various parts of the house. So, we asked Oliver to present to camera as he moved from room to room. We gave him a brief in each location and we choreographed movement to create a flow for the video story. Filming with two cameras gave us lots of great spontaneous footage to work with.


A delightful main branded content marketing video, together with a series of great hacks on topics such as lighting, creating sensory contrast and the trendy Scandi idea of ‘Hygge’.

To capture lots of information quickly for our social hacks, we interviewed Oliver more formally about a whole series of interiors subjects. Then we cut these into mini stories, supported by lots of gorgeous B roll that we captured on the day.

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