Wilko Christmas Product Promotional Video

Brief: Produce a series of 3 videos for the LoveWilko website and YouTube channel to promote Christmas products and inspire customers.


Wilko is the go-to place for customers to buy seasonal products at affordable prices. As part of its online digital marketing strategy, Wilko commissioned a set of Christmas videos to showcase the huge breadth of its seasonal products.

These fun, festive videos show off the products in an entertaining way and inspire customers with ideas for Christmas gift hampers and decorating.


Our scriptwriter developed some storylines which were inspired by, and centred round, the products. Characters were introduced, played by actors. and our set designer and stylist created pretty home scenarios to set the products off to a tee, and achieve the right look and feel for each video.

The projects were completed with lively voice-over artistes, a touch of post-production sparkle, lots of humour and of course… a Christmas jumper or two to add personality and charm to the videos.


  • Big project that needed meticulous planning and organisation.
  • Running two filming units across 7 sets with 7 actors.

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