Smart PAYG Meter Animated Explainer video

Produce a 90 second video to explain a new product to customers.


Multinational company Siemens came to us shortly after they’d launched a new B2B product, the Smart Pay-As-You-Go Meter, which allows for a more convenient and flexible way for customers to pay for energy.

It was a difficult product to explain and the sales team spent a lot of time talking it through with customers. The Product Manager showed us his 20-minute presentation and asked us to produce a 90 second explainer video.


Telling the story through animation was the solution, as it allows for clear communication of the information without the distraction of live characters.

Our scriptwriter distilled the key points of the product into easy to understand bite-sized messages and the design team got to work on the overall look and feel of the animation within the Siemens corporate brand guidelines.


The Product Manager was thrilled. Not only does the video have personality and charm, but has proved to be a most efficient communication tool, by drastically cutting down time needed to make sales and time in meetings.

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