MAN Trucks in Oman

Brief: Create a promotional product video for MAN Trucks and Microlise for a growing market in the Middle East.


East Midlands tech company Microlise, produce telematics products for a range of commercial vehicles. Transport companies use the data to monitor vehicle locations, assess how fleets are being driven, know whether vehicles need repairs and track deliveries.

After enormous success in the UK and Europe, Microlise is expanding its reach into the Middle East. As Microlise’s long-standing video partner, VPoint TV was asked to head out to Oman on an international filming trip to shoot a promotional video for this new market.


To create a sharp, professional promo video with aerial footage, our Creative Director, Paul, travelled to Oman to direct the shoot, accompanied by Microlise’s Head of Marketing. We sourced a local video partner to provide crew, camera equipment and a drone.

Working with a local crew also meant that Paul was able to use their knowledge to find the perfect locations for filming trucks against scenic backgrounds.


  • Coordinating a team of up to 16 people
  • Working in very high temperatures
  • Synchronising a large truck with a drone for aerial footage

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