Student Life Promotional Video

Brief: Create a student marketing video to promote the university to potential students.


With competition at an all-time high to attract new students to university, NTU commissioned us to create a student marketing video to promote life at Nottingham Trent University to potential students.

Working with NTU’s marketing team, we developed a bold creative concept, sourced a whole host of student talent and scouted numerous filming locations.


To create a dynamic promotional video, shot from the point of view of three real students and filmed to seamlessly flow between the different characters.

The story follows the students who are all based at different campuses as they go about their fast and furious university lives: living, working, participate in various sporting activities and socialising with their mates. Not to mention the obligatory shot of beans on toast!


Students love this video, even more mature folk do too, as it was a nominated for a Royal Television Society ‘Best Promotional Video’ award in 2013.

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