Project: 'The Wheel Reinvented' Product Videos

Brief: Create a product video to highlight the features and benefits of a new innovation, Loopwheels.


Loopwheels is a tech startup that has developed unique shock-absorbing wheels for wheelchairs, bicycles and recumbent trikes. Designed, engineered and made in Nottinghamshire, they’re a completely new design in wheel technology.

The client wanted to focus this project specifically on its wheels for wheelchairs. It also wanted to speak to two distinct customer groups. Firstly, wheelchair-using customers in the UK to whom they retail directly, and secondly to distributors and third-party retailers in both the UK and abroad.


As always, our focus is on ensuring that the content is appropriate for the audience. Our advice was the one video would not be suitable for two such distinctive customer groups, as each group has different areas of interest.  However, we came up with a cost-effective solution that gave the Loopwheels marketing team a suite of videos, tailored to the different audiences.

Our solution included filming with real Loopwheels’ customers in two contrasting locations. In one carefully planned day, we filmed in a city centre and woodland. Filmed with our F5 to create an attractive, almost cinematic feel, our main objective was to show the adaptability and shock-absorbing properties of the wheels on different surfaces, like cobbled streets, curbs, rocky paths and grassy surfaces.


Our package of product demonstration videos included a main product marketing video plus a customer testimonial video aimed at the UK customer base, for use on the Loopwheels website.

Working with the same footage, but focusing on different business messages, we then created a soundtrack only version with relevant on-screen graphics. This is used at exhibitions and shows, where audiences of distributors and retailers often have English as a second language.

Contact us for more information about creating product demonstration videos and how to maximise your video output for different uses.

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