Promotional Product Marketing Videos

Brief: To create a series of promotional product videos to help increase sales.


ArtSystems are a Nottingham-based company specialising in selling large format graphics and signage machines for the print industry. The distributors of the Summa F Series flat-bed cutter, found itself with a tough communication challenge, so approached VPoint TV for help.

It’s difficult to promote a technical product that looks like a big box and to differentiate it. Great when an engaged customer comes to see you and you can show them the kit, but how can you show its true potential on your website or at an exhibition?


We needed to promote all the features of the machine, cutting through to the key selling messages in a visually interesting way.

After a little creative thinking, we set the scene in a dark room, illuminated the machine with light projections and offset the picture to a dark electronic soundtrack, punctuated with robotic sound effects. Additional on-screen graphics highlight the key technical features of the machine.


Within a week of the video being released, a product was sold and the company saw an immediate return on their investment. The video was also nominated for a Royal Television Society Award in 2014.

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