Dementia in the Workplace Information Video

Brief: Create a 2D animation to show SMEs how to identify and manage dementia in the workplace.


The Fit for Work Team is a Leicester-based agency which develops and delivers pioneering health and wellbeing services across the East Midlands. An aging workforce means that dementia is an issue the employers need to understand, which The Fit for Work team wanted to raise awareness of.

Having been let down by a local supplier at short notice and following a recommendation, the team approached VPoint TV for help.


Animated video is a great solution for campaigns with a sensitive nature. It allows for clear communication of the information without the distraction of live characters.

With a four-week deadline, we worked fast to take this project from brief, create a concept, write a script, prepare a storyboard, design all the assets (including 15 characters), produce the 3-minute-long animation, record the voice-over and sound effects and make all those final amends.


Not only was the finished project completed within the tight time frame and within budget, but it exceeded the clients’ expectations in terms of messaging and creativity.

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