Halloween Product Promotional Videos

Brief: Produce a set of videos for the LoveWilko website and YouTube channel to promote Halloween products.


Wilko is the go-to place for customers to buy products at affordable prices. As part of its online digital marketing strategy, Wilko commissioned a set of Halloween videos to showcase the huge breadth of its seasonal products.

Our 2014 Wilko Halloween videos were online for 5 weeks; achieved the highest video views of all Wilko videos; and saw excellent Halloween sales. It was a no brainer to ask us to make some more in 2015.


Placing the products at the centre of our creative work, we look at how we can showcase the breadth of the range but also on specific products that the company wants to push. Then we develop a story, characters,  a look and feel, adding in humour to entertain the crowds.

Our set designer and stylist created spooky home scenarios to set the products off to a tee, and achieve the right look and feel for each video. The projects were completed with lively voice-over artistes, a touch of post-production ghoulish charm, lots of humour and of course… a scary costume or two.


  • Big project that needed meticulous planning and organisation
  • Running 2 filming units across 7 sets with 10 actors
  • Fast turnaround

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