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If you’re about to present a video, you might think about using autocue. How does it work and what’s it like to use?

Using autocue means that you don’t have to worry about remembering words, but you do still need to prepare a good script.

[vc_toggle title=”Continue reading” css=”.vc_custom_1509032570981{margin-bottom: 30px !important;}”]Now usually when people write scripts, they write as though they’re writing a report or some web copy or a brochure, they write to be read, rather than to be spoken. So first of all, write it and read it out loud. Then make it sound more conversational; the vernacular is good.  Don’t worry about saying ‘isn’t’ instead of ‘is not’ or ‘won’t’ instead of ‘will not’ or splitting infinitives. That is how we all talk and it sounds more natural.

When you’ve got a good, flowing script, practice it out loud from paper. You do feel a bit silly, but it’s worth it. Then you’ll be ready to get in front of your autocue. If there’s any chance of a practice with the autocue before filming day, so much the better.

The hardest part of using autocue is making it sound natural. First, don’t stare into the camera with wide eyes. We’ll see your eyes moving as you read and you’ll look scared! Slightly move your head from side to side, as you would if you were chatting. And don’t forget to blink! Next, do feel free to pause here and there, give yourself a moment to breath and your audience to take in what they’re heard.

Critical to a good delivery is having a colourful voice, emphasising key words and varying the pace of your delivery. You need to sound as relaxed and natural as you possibly can. This is easier for some people than others, but practice, practice, practice and you will get better.

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VPoint TV Resources: Presentation Skills
‘Presenting with Autocue’
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