Product video

Increase sales by showcasing your product in context

If you want your product to stand out and sell fast, then video is the most effective way to show the features, benefits and experience to your customer.

Depending on your marketing objectives, there are several ways to approach your product video production.

It could be the promotional route, where you highlight the benefits and features; the educational route, where you teach viewers how to use it; the problem-solving route, where you demonstrate how it solves a problem; or the experiential route, where you describe how it feels.

Put it in context
Buying products online can be a hassle-free way to shop. However, it can sometimes be hard to gauge the quality and size of the item from looking at a picture, even if there are measurements. Likewise, your potential customer might skim over the product text and miss out on some key information. Although these points may seem trivial, it can be enough to put your customer off and lose that all important sale. By showcasing your product through video, it will help people to understand the product better by putting it in context. This will engage your customer, increase the product’s appeal and drive more sales.

Setting the scene
A real location is usually the best way to showcase your product, but for small tech-based products such as phone apps – a white space with a hand model works well. If your product is intangible, for example software or financial services, then creating an animation can bring these complex concepts to life.

The human touch
Instead of describing what your product does, use a person to show them. This is particularly effective for training or demonstration videos, where you need to take your viewer through a set of instructions or show the ease of use. Weave a compelling story around your product with a friendly character that will humanise your brand. Consider using a celebrity or relevant expert to endorse your product, work with a trained presenter or use genuine customers – who can provide honest feedback (see case studies & customer testimonials).

product video behind the scenes

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Example Projects



A product demonstration video highlighting the key features and benefits of using a new innovative product: Loopwheels shock-absorbing wheels bicycles and recumbent trikes.


ArtSystems: Summa F Series

ArtSystems needed to promote a Summa F Series flat-bed cutter in a visually interesting way. After a little creative thinking, we set the scene in a dark room and illuminated the machine with light projections.


Wilko: Halloween party

One of two fun, seasonal product marketing videos for Wilko. This Halloween Party video showcases a wide range of products with characters and humour to entertain the crowds. Quite a spooktacular success!

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