5 Ways to Get Your Promo Video on Target

Promo videos that hit the mark…Our 5 top tips!

Brands are often judged on the virality of their promos. We believe there are five simple tips that will lift your promotional videos to a new level and market your company or product at its finest.

01/ Always remember to think about your audience

Make sure you know who you are aiming at, and then consider where and how they will be watching:

  • Your website
  • YouTube and other social platforms
  • Mobile or desktop
  • Alone or with a group

Work out how you are going to keep hold of your audience’s attention long enough for them to watch the entire promo video, otherwise it is easy to lose the audiences interest. The secret here is having a good opening that hooks them in.

02/ Less is more –  So keep it short

Don’t try to include every minuscule detail about your subject because people simply won’t remember it all. After all, television commercials get their point across in 30 seconds while still leaving their audience with a strong impression of their brand and product.

So be clear about the messages you want to get across and keep it to a minimum.

If there’s lots more to say that sits happily within a video, go for a short, snappy promo video and then accompany it with some additional written text on your site or platform which gives even more info.

03/ Think of your promo video as a story

It may seem over the top but all the best stories bring in emotion, drama and pathos. Creating a film whereby the people in it speak so passionately about the company/product, can help to captivate the audience.

Talk about problems overcome and solutions found, relate anecdotes and experiences… this will help your audience to relate and remember your film and its messages.

04/ A picture can paint a thousand words

Video, as a visual medium can explain 30 seconds of information within three seconds, therefore it is vital to keep your film short and exciting in order to keep hold of your audience’s attention.

People often fall into the trap of getting too caught up in the script that they don’t focus on the importance on the filmed images. Images can deliver strong and emotive messages that will support the impact and meaningfulness of the words you are portraying.

05/ You cannot please everybody all of the time

If you need a group of stakeholders to approve your finished production, remember everyone will have a different opinion. You can’t please everybody. And the result of trying to, could easily compromise your production. So, whilst it’s great to hear collective feedback, there does need to be a final decision maker.

There’s a lot more to say on this, so contact us to find out how we can help guide you through making your perfect promo video.

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