Relax! We take care of the whole process.


If you haven’t developed your communications strategy yet, we can help. First, we identify your audience and the core comms messages. Next, we consider how to reach those audiences via your website, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, organic or paid. 

We advise on how the production content and style should be tailored to suit different platforms: the length, shape (widescreen, vertical or square)how viewers engage (audio on/off, subtitles) and how to measure engagement. 

But to start with, ask yourself: 

  • What do I want my audience to learn from this project? 
  • What do I want them to do when they have seen it? 
  • What will success of this project look like? 

Design & Development

Our design work takes different forms. At its most essential, we create core graphics for video productions – opening titles, end screens with all important calls-to-actions, name straps. All of these are in line with your brand guidelines and we can add some flair through motion. 

We also create more complex design projects such as full animations. Bespoke character and background design in 2D are a speciality, and our style has proved popular with many clients in business and the public sector.  Take a look at our animation page for some examples.  

In addition, we create: 

  • Bespoke subtitles: transcribed, checked and designed in your brand font and colours. 
  • Branded headers and design elements for your YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms. 
  • Animated logos to create a more impactful top and tail for your video. 

Content Creation

A lot of thought and work goes into creating effective content for our clients.  Once we understand your needs and we have a direction for the project, we get to work on the creation process. 

This starts with a script and storyboard; agreeing the all-important fixed-budget; sourcing locations, crew and talent; filming, which might be at your place, on location, in a studio; post-production including the content edit, colour-grading, soundtrack creation, voice-over recording, sound design, motion graphics creation; and finally subtitles.  

  • We have many years of production experience to share with you and your teams 
  • We also recognise that you know your business, your products or service and your customers best 
  • With your knowledge and our creative experience, together we will create some amazing content! 


Package 1 Live Presenting: aimed at people who need to present at pitches, live events and confidence.  We build confidence, develop content ideas, talk through supporting material and visual aids, and work on presentation techniques including vocal delivery, facial expressions and body language. 

Package 2 Camera Techniques: aimed at people who need to present to camera, from fronting a video to being interviewed. We will help you plan your script or content; teach you how to use autocue; allow you to experience an interview; receive constructive feedback and advice on vocal delivery, facial expressions and body language. 

  • Half day courses are offered for one or two people 
  • Full day courses are for up to 6 participants 
  • Presentations are filmed, so participants can review their own performances  
  • Courses can be adapted to suit the presentation skills needs of your group 

Already got something in mind?

Choose from the wide range of styles we produce in our video content creation studio.

Create inspiring content, whilst delivering information in a direct and simple way. The only limit is your imagination.

Deliver an engaging experience and make sure it’s remembered.