Six Steps to Video Success

Six steps to video success!

Rules you must live by if you want to make exciting and engaging videos which achieve video success.

01/ Keep it Short

This applies to pretty much everything to do with the video medium. Say what you want to say in the snappiest way possible (while still keeping it interesting of course), and in the shortest time possible. Long drawn out messages with lots of content will put your audience to sleep, and more often than not, 80% of that content is either too in depth or not relevant anyway.

02/ Attract Early

Let’s face it, humans have extremely short attention spans. If their interest isn’t grabbed within the first 5 seconds, they are likely to click off and find a video that’s going to excite them. That’s why your video has to attract early to guarantee whoever is watching keeps watching – and more importantly – remembers you.

03/ Less is More

The reason why someone is watching is so they can get the message without having to read through loads of text. So why cover your video with it? Let your video do the talking and hone your key message down to one simple statement and let it be your call to action at the end. Or on screen text can be useful for picking out key words that pop up as your presenter/interviewee is speaking. Any text that isn’t totally essential – get rid!

04/ Pick an Appropriate Soundtrack

Ok, I know it sounds obvious – a dubstep number for a video about a retirement home is clearly wrong – but it goes more in depth than that. Making the right music choice is really important in maintaining the right pace and tone for your video and a track that isn’t quite right in these areas can throw to whole thing off kilter.

05/ Know Your Message

This is the heart of your video. Your message is why the video is there in the first place. So it’s important to keep it in the forefront of your mind at all times. This will help you think of the best ways to visualise your message and get it across to your audience in the most memorable way.

06/ Have a Hook

What’s special about your video? What makes it different to the billions of videos that already exist out there? Having a unique hook that excites or entertains your audience is key to getting them interested, making them remember your message and getting them to do what you want them to do.  It also means they are more likely to share with their friends or colleagues.

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