Social media video marketing

Integrating social media into your video marketing strategy

Start building across a variety of relevant platforms now, if you haven’t already, because social media video marketing is here to stay.

It may be tempting to open accounts on every channel, but we think it's better to be more selective in your choices.

First of all, it it important to understand what your social media marketing objectives are. If you can’t justify why or how a social media channel can help you, then there is no need to waste your most precious resource (time) on building content there.

Start by researching your target audience to see how they interact online. By understanding your customer, you can gain better insights into the kind of content to post and the best times to do it. This information can also be gleaned from looking at your competitors channels.

The type of content you want to post will also affect your choice of channel. For example, Instagram and Pinterest are best for inspiration based photography. Likewise, LinkedIn is your best option for professional industry news. Ultimately, we think it’s best to start small with one or two carefully chosen channels, then build on from there.

social media video Youtube Channel

YouTube Video

YouTube continues to be the biggest video player with 4 billion views a day, and over a billion users who watch, on average, for 40 minutes per session. Optimising your channel by tailoring video content and thoughtful tagging and titling is key to making yours stand out against the huge number of videos out there. And, of course, there are advertising opportunities to consider too.

Read our case study on how one of our clients decided to set up an interactive YouTube channel, designed to position themselves as experts in their B2B market place.

Facebook Video

Facebook is becoming a serious rival to YouTube as a social media video platform, but the issue for marketers, again, is that there’s an awful lot of content.

Over a billion people log on each day; over 50% watch at least one video; and over 100 million hours of video is watched daily. Stats show that the highest traffic occurs mid-week between 1pm and 3pm, with 18% higher engagement on Thursdays and Fridays.

With some strategic planning around content, upload times, interesting headlines and using autoplay to your advantage, you could get some serious attention here. Keep your content short and engaging.

Twitter Video

Twitter has reported a massive increase in brands using video and short-form content, with a 150 fold year-on-year increase in video views, tweets containing video see 6x more retweets than those containing images. Take note!

Amplify is useful for advertising purposes as you select categories of video content you want to run pre-roll with, then layer on additional audience targeting. Their technology then ‘dynamically inserts (your) pre-roll ads into the most relevant videos being watched by (your) target audience’.


LinkedIn is most suitable for B2B. You can’t upload video files directly to the site, but you can embed videos into posts of Pulse articles. It’s more a place to establish your expertise as opposed to a promotional platform; consider how-to videos aimed at other businesses, company news/updates, industry talks and presentations, recruitment videos, and behind-the-scenes productions (perhaps in a way you wouldn’t on your website).


Tumblr is a microblogging platform and social networking website, which allows users to post videos (and other content) to a blog. It hosts over 277 million blogs (February 2016) and has 555 million monthly visitors.

It’s developed its social media video player for both web and mobile, and now has a pop-out player, so users can watch videos while scrolling through the dashboard for other videos to watch. It’s great for entertaining and amusing content.


Instagram, the online mobile photo & video sharing social network, may not be particularly suitable for your business, if you don’t need to access your consumers directly. It is however, a great medium for retailers and brands though.

If you’ve got a video that you’ve produced for Facebook, it wouldn’t hurt to upload it to Instagram too.

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