Social Media Videos

Reach your audience through the right channels, with the right content

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to social media video marketing, with each channel warranting a different approach.

From a video marketing perspective, we think there are two ways to approach social media video.

You can either see social media platforms as marketing or advertising channels in their own right. Or, you can use it simply as a way of promoting and driving viewers to your website, where you hope to get those sales conversions!

Whatever your objective, it’s important to design video content that is suitably attractive and interesting for each channel. People use them for a variety of reasons: amusing content, social networking, information searching, business contacts and info; with each platform presenting video in a different way. It’s not necessarily about getting huge numbers of views for individual projects either, you need a constant flow of video and other content to keep reminding people about you.

Many social media channels have an auto-play feature which activates the video in mute as you scroll near it. Use this to your advantage with bold graphics and striking imagery that captures your audiences’ attention. Consider the use of subtitles too, if your video content has a presenter or narration.

Ultimately, the key to making a successful social media video is to keep it short and engaging so that people will share it with their network. With some strategic planning around content, upload times, interesting headlines and thoughtful tagging, you can get some serious attention here.

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