Spooktacular Halloween Video for Wilko

Spooktacular Videos!

Last month saw the arrival of spooky season at VPoint TV, as we geared for this year’s Spooktacular Halloween video productions for Wilko.

With two scripts, one family and a plethora of products to showcase, there was a lot of work to be done! The first Halloween video focuses on our family getting ready to go trick or treating. Cue lots of costumes- 13 to be exact- as well as gigantic spiders, animated doorbells and generous sized treat buckets.

The second Halloween video showcases everything you’ll need to throw a cracking Halloween party- from black balloons to a pumpkin drinks cooler and a talking treat bowl.

Our prep day began at 8.30am in the Wilko photographic studio, Sheffield. There was plenty to do – first the extensive set design, which was achieved with the help of Nick and Jen from IndiBoo. This involved painting, styling, assembling giant spider webs, and dressing every corner with ghoulish lights and decorations. As well as the packaged products, there were some DIY props that had to be made. I spent a bit of time assembling plastic bats and spiders onto glasses with gaffer tape- needless to say the spider was reluctant to stay put and soon there were half a dozen errant legs trying to escape!

Once the prep was complete, it was time to shoot! It was a long and busy day for all involved- but seeing the sets come to life with characters and movement was a big pay off.

A Halloween video always needs lots of makeup changes and prosthetics, which was achieved using Wilks liquid latex and the handiwork of our talented makeup artists, Julie and Jen. While most of the shooting schedule was dedicated to our main sequences on set, we also had to make time for some green screen shots. These were used to top and tail both videos, as well as display individual costumes and other products with their prices.

Follow this link to check out the Halloween video – we hope you’ll find some inspiration for your end of October festivities!

Happy Halloween from everyone at VPoint!

By Rosie Rayner
Production Assistant

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