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Educate and motivate staff and customers through clear and concise video

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Training doesn't have to be dull. Combine the important messages you need to convey with emotion, storytelling and thoughtful editing, to engage your audience more effectively.

Training can be uninspiring and boring. Video is a cost-effective and refreshing format that allows you to put the sense of enthusiasm back into your training.

Information is more effectively retained when it is provided in video form, and unlike standard training sessions, video can be referred to again and again. This saves resources within your business and the need for repeated training sessions. Your team have control over the pace they work through the video, which increases their engagement level and strengthens their learning. Consistency is key, and video helps you to establish this – ensuring everyone receives the exact same level of training in the exact same way.

Training can often involve learning complex concepts or processes that are difficult to grasp. A clear and concise voice-over or presenter can help guide the viewer through their learning. Likewise, breaking down the video content into a series of short ‘easy-to-digest’ videos can also aid the process. Animated infographics, diagrams or product cross-sections will provide engaging visual information that can highlight important functionality or features.

The marketing opportunities that training videos pose spread further than your internal team. They can be made available to external customers, to provide advice and demonstrate your expertise in your field.

Murphy & Son

Murphy & Son are a specialist supplier of processing aids for food and brewing industries. This training video for brewers, explains how to use a copper finings optimisation test to enhance the clarity of their beer.


A simple training video to show customers how to check the legitimacy of their Tanita product. The video features the company’s specially designed app and uses a hand model and simple graphical instructions.

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