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With a surge in ownership of electronic devices and increasing access to the internet, building your brand and reaching your audience through advertising is more powerful than ever.

Despite the rise of the internet and social media, when you might have expected TV to have less impact; TV advertising is stronger than ever according to research conducted by Thinkbox. The increasing number of devices we own, means we have more opportunity to watch TV at any time, wherever we are. More and more people are online; be it streaming TV programmes, searching for information or scrolling through their social media feeds. On the plus side, this gives you ample opportunities to engage with consumers. However, today’s consumer is used to sifting through content fast, so your videos must capture their attention.

TV advertising not only has the furthest reach, it is the most trusted form of advertising, generates a greater emotional response and drives the most brand conversation – which in turn makes the brand more memorable. It is no surprise that it’s the most effective form of advertising with the best ROI. However, this all comes with a hefty price tag. Unsurprisingly, TV advertising costs a lot more money, especially if you want a prime-time viewing slot.

Producing a digital TV advertising campaign is a highly effective way to build your brand and direct people to your website, especially if you are an online business. With a little creative thinking and bags of personality to make you stand out from the crowd, you could create a big impact for your business.

Video-On-Demand (VoD) advertising covers all types of video ads, whether before TV shows or other chosen videos. Pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll ads display before, during or after the chosen video content. They usually last between 15-30 seconds long and some are skippable after 5 seconds. It is therefore important to show compelling imagery and calls-to-action within this time.

Online advertising has less reach than traditional TV advertising, but is much more target audience focussed – either by content, demographic or region. It goes straight to the people you want to talk to, yielding better results. In addition, online ads are ‘clickable’, offering direct access to your website for further information or to make instant sales, all the while increasing your site traffic.

Hillarys: VOD advertising

Part of a series of 6 video-on-demand adverts that were broadcast online in the UK and Ireland. The objective was to build Hillarys’ reputation by showcasing gorgeous products within aspirational, yet achievable, lifestyle scenarios.

Ironbridge Gorge Museums

Ironbridge Gorge Museums wanted to increase the number of tourists going to their site each year. This was one of a series of TV adverts we produced for them that reflected the experience of visiting the museum and featured different characters and attractions.

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