How to get value from video

What do we mean by value… 

Well to us, value means return on investment and that’s pretty straight forward really

You invest in making a video and your target audience hear your message and act on it. And by ‘act’ we mean spend money with you. So your video is paid for and achieved a worthwhile return on your investment and that ladies and gentlemen is value. Oh if only it was that simple.

Sure, you can make a great video, embed it on your website and probably gets seen a few times a day. But what about getting it seen and shared thousands of times a day all over the world? Getting some real value? Doesn’t that sound exciting?

Using video on the web isn’t just about one video on one site.  It’s about multiple versions on multiple platforms. People are all about being social and sharing things that inspire or entertain them. Over 70% of people now have a Smartphone. This means that apps like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are available in the palm of your hand, all the time. So how to get value from your video means using all the avenues available to get people watching your video.

In other words – Sweating the Assets!

To give you an idea about how this could work for your video, have a look at the example below:

  • Twitter/Facebook ‘Behind the Scenes’ pictures and updates during filming to get interest growing
  • Twitter ‘Teaser’ videos of 5-10” in length posted a week before main video
  • Main Video hosted on website (share link on Twitter/Facebook/Email)
  • A series of dedicated cut down versions for your YouTube channel
  • Video On Demand advertisement

There’s so much more to video than plonking it on YouTube and expecting people to find it and watch it!

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