VFX Hyper-Zoom Effect

VFX Hyper-Zoom Effect

Production Techniques


We’ve done a lot of work in the logistics industry. We’ve filmed big trucks and a lot of professional drivers; and although we get good performances from them, drivers aren’t actors.

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A film we shot for ‘Microlise’ required that we had an actor to play a driver, but he couldn’t legally drive a truck out on the road. We used simple cuts early on in the film to sell the effect, but for the final hero shot we needed to see our actor driving the truck.

We decided to composite three different shots together to create a hyperzoom effect. The shot started out on the motorway and zoomed all the way in to see our actor behind the wheel, it was a great final shot for the film.

Whatever the challenge, we make it work.

VPoint TV: Production Techniques
‘VFX Hyper-Zoom Effect’
Presented by Paul Young

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