VFX Screen Replacements

VFX Screen Replacements

Production Techniques


Screens are everywhere. Phones, tablets, computers and TV’s,  so they’re a common feature of our clients videos too. Whether it’s to show a new piece of software, a new app or just to view a website.

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The main focus of your video may or may not rely heavily on screens, but if it does, it’s crucial to get the content right. And, that can easily be done in post production.

Most screen replacements we do are actually pre-planned, and that gives our clients greater control over the content, but it also makes life a little bit quicker on set.

In this promo for ‘Hillarys’, the website design hadn’t been signed off by the time of filming, so being able to add it in post meant we could move forward with production. And as we keep all of our projects archived if there is ever a redesign we can easily update the film.

While making a film for’ Any Trade Any Time’, we replaced the mobile phone screen with a simplified version of their website. This meant the audience could understand what was going on without all the unnecessary details. And it worked when pressed so it was pretty clever.

It’s the little things like this that make working with us easier.

VPoint TV: Production Techniques
‘VFX Screen Replacements’ 
Presented by Paul Young

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