How we make a video production

Our simple four step approach

Video content is a compelling way of communicating online, but it doesn’t happen by accident. Our team finds unique and persuasive ways to tell your story, connect with your audience and work to your timescales and budget.

1 / We talk

Every project starts with a conversation. We get to know you, your business, your brand and what you want to say. We want to find out all about your audience, how and where they’re going to watch and what you want them to do. If you don’t have all of these insights yet, we can help with some additional research.

how to choose a video production company
VPoint TV process thinking brainstorming ideas

2 / We think

Next comes the idea. Now that we have your audience profile, we’ll develop a strategy that appeals to and reaches them effectively. We come up with creative concepts, content development, scripting and storyboarding and designing the all-important look and feel.

3 / We create

Ready for action? First, the production management team casts the right people, finds fabulous locations and gets everything set up.

Next, our experienced filming crew gets cracking, armed with some very high-tech camera, lighting and sound kit.

And finally, the post-production team gets to work. Highly skilled in content selection, editing, colour grading, audio mixing, motion graphics and animation. We might use one of our favourite voice-over artistes to help bring your production to life.

If you’ve asked for it, British Sign Language, translators and subtitling team get to work too.

VPoint TV process final delivery

4 / We deliver

For the final stage of the process, you’re always welcome to come and view your project with the Producer and Editor in the studio. But if you’re too busy or unavailable, we’ll post your video on our secure client area, so that you can review and share with colleagues at your leisure.

We act promptly on any feedback until you are happy with your video production. You can then download your final files from our client area when you’re ready; or we can create a YouTube channel for you or manage any other hosting requirements.

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