Universities & colleges video production

Video content that talks to students

Pitching marketing messages in the right way to students requires experience and knowledge of this tough-to-crack audience.

We have the experience, having produced (literally) hundreds of promotional and event videos for Universities in our region, with several award-winners amongst them.

When it comes to universities & colleges video production, what can we offer?

  • A real understanding of your audience; what they’re interested in; how they consume information; and their language.
  • We’ve filmed lots of students, built a rapport with them and gained their trust.
  • We communicate strong marketing messages, packaged within a fun, creative veneer to engage and stimulate.
  • And we’re versatile. We’re also geared up to film graduation ceremonies and lectures, and stream them live.

Find out how you can integrate branded content video into your student marketing plan.

Here’s a short showreel of just a fraction of our work with universities. If you’d like to meet our creative team and find out what we can do for you, get in touch.

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If you’re from a University or College looking for a fresh, new look for your video content, you might be interested in knowing what kind of videos we produce:

  • Student recruitment promo videos
  • Marketing videos for courses, schools and services
  • Campus tours
  • Student profiles
  • Quirky social media videos
  • Television & online adverts
  • Filming & live streaming ceremonies, lectures & events
  • Subtitles & foreign language versions

If you'd like to know more or you have a project to discuss, call Ian, Sally or Paul on 0115 969 3636

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