Telling your Brand’s Story

Everything and everyone has a story to tell…

March 20th marks World Storytelling Day, and as video storytellers, we think it’s worth celebrating.

In these turbulent times of ‘fake news’, Brexit and general chaos, we thought we’d take a look at one of the oldest forms of art there is – storytelling.

One of the secrets to successful video storytelling is about making the right choices about the narrative tools at our disposal.  We have an infinite source of sounds, scenes, emotions and gestures to work with, and that’s just the filming part.

On top of that, technology and cinematic advances have gifted us with editing software – which allows us to chop, stick, swap, shorten, speed up and slow down the scenes we have recorded.  It’s great, we have total control over the story and how we wish to tell it – on behalf of you, our clients.

Stories have immeasurable power. A well told story can move someone to take all sorts of actions – to make a big change in their life, to reunite with a forgotten friend, and even to place their faith (and money!) in a brand they’d never heard of, until now.

The term ‘storytelling’ makes it all sound very easy – childlike almost, but that certainly isn’t the case. In reality, it can be quite tricky to find the key that unlocks the story in something ordinary, and that’s one of the commonly overlooked talents of video producers. It may seem like the mug you’re holding or the keyboard you type on can’t possibly contain a strong, emotive story but – believe us – even the most unlikely things have a story to tell.

One of the best things about stories is that if you look hard enough, everyone and everything has one. Be it the story of how a product came to life, or of how its’ creator worked night and day for years to get to where they are now.

When told well, a story can give the viewer insight into the heart of a company – it can make them feel happy, sad, passionate, empathetic, it can move them to take the biggest or smallest of actions.

So, take a minute, on World Storytelling Day, to think about what story lies behind your brand, and how that story can be told. Next, contact us – we’d love to help you tell it.

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  • Great storytelling can be the catalyst between a good video and a really great piece of content that’s going to stay with its viewers and encourage further engagement. As you say, everything has a story – it’s one of the most productive things to keep in mind when approaching a product, and will often yield the best results.


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