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YouTube Publishing Tips for your Video Content

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Hello, welcome to today’s video where I’ll be going over some YouTube tips for your video content.


First up it’s cards. They are a great way to interact with your audience, they are a replacements for the older YouTube annotations which only worked on desktop, whereas cards work on both mobile and desktop platforms. This is important as over 60% of viewers now consume YouTube videos through their mobile.

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The great thing about cards is you can add links to video playlists or videos on your channel, or you can even link to a different channel so if you have more than one channel for example. And of course you can link to your approved website. There appear as a pop up in the top right hand corner of the YouTube player, and you can also click and revisit any cards that you missed pop up in the video after they’ve appeared.

End Cards

Much like cards these pop up on the screen and add clickable links only as the name suggests they go at the end portion of your video. You can add either a video or a playlist link, or you can even add a subscribe link or a link to your website. The only issue is you have to add a link to a video or a playlist to be able to add a link to subscribe or a link to your website.

Branding Watermark

Branding watermarks are a small icon or logo that goes in the bottom right hand corner of your frame, as well as adding this small icon over all your videos they are clickable on desktop, when you click them they provide a subscribe button for the viewer to click and subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Thumbnail optimisation

This is crucial to get people clicking on your video, other than the title of your video it’s the only thing a viewer will see to encourage them to click your video,  so here’s a few key tips. First of all make sure your thumbnail is sharp, saturated and contrasty, this will draw the viewers eye to it and help you stand out amongst the other thumbnails on YouTube.

Also include people’s faces in the thumbnail, people connect with other people’s faces easily so will naturally be drawn to look at your thumbnail.

Another thing we like to do for our clients is create branded thumbnails, so for example if we create a series of 6 or 7 videos we can brand all these thumbnails the same maybe with a matching colour or logo, so the viewer can easily identify them as part of the same series of videos.


Tags are a great way to add keywords to your video that help people find your video through the youtube search, you can either use single words e.g. car or compound tags which are a combination of words e.g. sport car. It’s also worth adding normal descriptive words for your type of video e.g. technology and common misspellings of words. You have a 500 character limit on each video for tags so make sure to use them up with relevant words.

Closed Captions

And finally think about adding closed captions to your videos, as well as making your video more accessible to people with hearing difficulties, they help raise your views on average by about 4%.

VPoint TV Resources: Tech Series

‘YouTube Publishing Tips for your Video Content’
Presented by Dale Fallows

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