YouTube Advice for Success: 10 Top Tips

YouTube Advice for Success: Our 10 Top Tips

YouTube is a fantastic free video hosting service and it’s now the second biggest search engine. But do you know how to get the best out of it? Here’s our tips on how to take on the Tube!

01/ Bespoke Thumbnails

By uploading an attractive and eye catching thumbnail for your video you can really encourage people to click! You can even add text.

02/ Title

Use your main key words at the beginning of the title of your video.

03/ Colon

Using a colon in the title separates the key words off from the more descriptive elements e.g. VPoint.TV: Meet the Team.

04/ Description

Have a big description under your video with plenty of key words and URLS to your website, or any other relevant videos or websites.

05/ Be specific

Especially with your tags and key words – the more common and generic the words, the more your video will be buried under thousands of others.

06/ Use YouTube ads

Spending money on a YouTube ad means that your video appears as ‘featured’ and at the top of the search. It doesn’t cost the earth, and with carefully chosen key words (as it’s pay per click), this is a great way for more views and interest.

07/ Clickable annotations

You can embed annotations onto the video that appear whilst the video is playing – this is useful if you have a call to action or will be featuring other videos

08/ Embed on other platforms

Embedding your YouTube video on Twitter/Facebook/website means more people will see it and even share it to their followers/friends

09/ Accounts

Anyone with a YouTube account can like/favourite the video to move it up in the ranks

10/ Branding your channel

Having your own specific YouTube channel could be useful if you foresee having more videos in the future, or already have a bank of videos.

Here’s how our friends at Hillarys run their YouTube site

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